A “Brand” New Look

Welcome to my “Brand” new blog!

I am very happy and excited to announce the launch of my new blog, aptly titled Musings. Initially I wanted to wait to reveal the blog along my new website, but decided to against it. I very recently had an overwhelming sense to share this process of my company’s rebrand.

Last year I decided to consult with a word branding specialist to get help finding the voice of my company. Let me digress for just a second… it seemed that with all that I do, getting across what my little ole company was about had somehow got lost in translation. So I sought the help I needed, in bringing my passion, and by baby to the next level.

In working with my Word Branding Coach, it was an eyes-wide-open experience. First: about myself, and second: my gift, which then translated into my company. My confidence was revived and I was able to put into words and express my company’s brand without hesitation. And I am beyond thrilled about that. It was like the heavens had opened up, and there was the sound of a chorus of angels descending from above. No pun intended. So when the time came to make a decision about where to go with all this “enlightenment”, I knew within my heart what my first goal was. I needed a new web presence, one that represented who I was as a designer, my designs, and my overall brand.  What had always been, what was always there, but only hidden under so much clutter. Clean, minimal, less pomp and circumstance. And here we are today! Yay!!

While Paper Dreams & Keepsakes’ logo will remain the same, with variations here and there, other changes will be noticed.  I am very excited about this and doubly excited and blessed to share this process with you.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!