The Journey of Motherhood

Whether your in the role of natural, soon-to-be, adoptive, or spiritual mother, I want to share this amazing video with you. This video will not only inspire you, but it will encourage your soul as well. It did mine. I watched it over and over again. : )

This trailer was release by Lisa-Jo Baker to promote and spread the word on her newly released book, Surprised by Motherhood. I encourage you visit her site. It is truly beautiful and there you can learn more about her, her journey of becoming a mother and a writer. She offers a download of 3 free chapters of her book. You can also purchase the book as well. 

I remember the day my journey to motherhood began. It was the most frightening and unnerving, yet the most beautiful, unforgettable and happiest day of my life. I wouldn't change a thing.

As mothers we experience the most challenging days, but then there are also the sweetest days, and the words in this video hits that sweet spot. 

So grab some tissues (trust me, you'll need them), and enjoy the video. 

I salute you on this day, and every day! Happy Mother's Day!