Understanding The Parts Of Your Wedding Invitation: The Inner Envelope


As we continue on in our series of "Understanding the Parts of your Wedding Invitation", today's focus will be on the inner envelope. Last time we focused on the Outer Envelope.

The inner envelope is the envelope that holds the actual invitation and all other cards included with your suite. Here are few helpful tips to help you understand why it is called the inner envelope and it's purpose:

1. The inner envelope is the only envelope in the entire suite that does not have any glue on it's flap. It's connected to the actual invitation. Not having glue on the flap makes it so much easier for your guests to open it without damaging it.  Here is how you would place them in the inner envelope; the invitation, tissue (optional), response card in it's envelope, and all of your other inserts are facing up towards the flap. I love this sweet illustration done by Michelle Mospens of Mospens Studios.

illustration: Mospens Studios

illustration: Mospens Studios

2. Only the names of the invited guests are to be handwritten on it, and in alphabetical order, with surnames, and titles. If children are invited, their names should be written on it as well, and on a separate line.  Here are a few formal examples:

For a couple:

Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy


For a family with invited children:

Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy

 Master James and Miss Mary 


For a couple and the wife is a Doctor:

Mr. Kennedy and Dr. Kennedy

(Note that the same rule applies vice versa)


For a single person:

Mr. Kennedy and Guest

(When mailing an invitation to a single person never include the word "guest"

on the outer envelope)


For couples living together, but not married:

Mr. Kennedy

Miss Braman


Note: If your style is less formal, you should still follow the rules as listed above, using only the first names of all the invited guests.


3.  It is best to seal the envelope at the tip or center, depending which style envelope you are using. You can adorn it with a wax seal, or with any other type of seal that will coordinate well with your invitation suite. 

4. And finally what I love most about the inner envelope; it's liner! I'm just crazy about liners. Just know that by adding a liner, adds another element to your suite by weaving together the design of your invitation suite seamlessly, thus making it a timeless keepsake. Some couples choose to use them, while others don't. It's entirely up to you! 


So there you have it. You are well on your way to fully understanding the many parts of your wedding invitation. Next we will focus on the actual invitation.

Happy Invitation Planning!

Until next time,