Do-It-Yourself Custom Pin and Idea board

I consider myself to be a real artsy type of gal, and my latest Do-it-Yourself project kind of confirmed it

In my search to find key pieces to create a serene and asthecially pleasing envinoment for my home office, I turned to Pinterest. You see Pinterest is the go-to site to get ideas, inspiration, and tools to enhance our lives. You can never go wrong. 

I  came across this beautiul wall mural and thought it would be ideal for my home office, and fell head over heels on love with the idea. So I repinned, saved the photo, and wrote the idea down as one of my business goals for Q1 (Quarter One) 2015. 

Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest

I had pinned this board maybe 5 or 6 months ago. What captiviated me most about this board was,  it's clean and openness. It provided it's viewer the opportunity to view many things at at a single glance. Such simplictiy!

With the idea to create my very own pin/idea board, I envisioned a space where pretty and functionalitiy  for inspiration, encouragement, goals, and current projects could live, harmoniously. So I set out to create one. Here is how I started:

Pinboard Tools

I went to my local craft store and purchased the necessary items needed to complete my project:

1 -36 x 36  Stretched Canvas made of cotton

2 yards of gray frabic, and

9- 12 x 12 cork tiles with adhesive

I already had,

a measuring tape, a pair of scissors, and a staple gun

With a flat surface, much patience, and possibly up to 2 hours, maybe a little more to complete the entire project, I embarked on my very own do-it-yourself pin/idea board.


What initally started off as fun, soon became very tedious and time consuming. I started placing the the adhevise squares to the corners of each tile, then the sides, and finally the center. My goal was to secure the tiles to the canvas frame firmly, and securely. I placed all of the tiles over the canvas to ensure proper alignment and placement before affixing them permanently. Here was the end result:

Asembled Cork Board

I cut the material 39 x 39 giving 3 extra inches to wrap around the cork and canvas. If you want extra cloth around your frame, then add an additional inch or 2 and then trim as needed.

Wrapped Cork

I started stapling the fabric onto the back frame of the canvas, at the center edge working my way out to each end. At each opposite end of the board, I had to pull and stretch the frabic to give it a tight, smooth, and tailored look. I continued this practice until the board was complete. 

I found some picture hanging hardware that I had in the house to hang the pin/idea board. The cost to of the project was just under $60.00 USD.  While the Pinterest photo was my inspiration, I was able to create my own board with much finesse, and style. Here she is....


I am very pleased with the end result and I absolutely love my new pin/idea board! So... the question now  is...what do I add? I can't wait to start pinning away. 

What do you think of my new pinboard?

Happy Pinning!