Munaluchi Bride: Spring/Summer 2014

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014 the Spring/Summer 2014 edition of Munaluchi Bride will go on sale at a location near you, and will be available for purchase online. You can find out where you can purchase your copy/copies by clicking on this link and entering your zip code. 

Such a beautiful cover by the uber talented Elizabeth Messina, and graced by the lovely model Nikia Phoenix. I swooned the moment I saw it! 

Munaluchi Bride

From Munaluchi Bride:

The name MunaLuchi holds a special place in our hearts.  It is the combination of two African names which when fused together mean, 
"Beautiful Work of God"... 

Perfectly describing our brides...  

The Munaluchi bride is bold, beautiful, worldly...She is witty, vibrant and free. She loves the finer things in life, and is not afraid to go after what she wants.  She exudes style and grace and is determined to look her very best not just on her wedding day but every day.  She yearns to embrace her culture and seeks inspiration that speaks to her.  She comes in all sizes and shades.  Simply put, she is beautiful no matter what skin she's in.

Our mission is to promote positive images of women of color...because we believe positive imagery is the threshold for confidence...and confidence inspires self love. 
We aspire to inspire...

I am excited and cannot wait to leaf through my very own copy.