Brand Design: Designing Vonrai Events + Design

We get the most absolute pleasure of working with other creatives to give their brand a facelift and tell their story in a way that it as meant to be told; authentic and from the heart.

When Mary reached out to us to assist her New York based event planning company with it’s rebrand, we were delighted. Mary’s dream for her brand consisted of elegant and classical, yet whimsical vibe. Her color palette represented; Green for growth and innovation. Gold for a modern and classic look. Her elements were watercolor flowers and beautiful handwritten calligraphy.

After our initial conversation concerning what she desired for the look of her brand; my research on her company; Mary's homework assignments (yes, I give those :)); this is what I came up with:

The mood for her brand was soft, elegant, happy, with a touch of whimsical, and its' color palette only added to a serene and stunning result!

Paper Dreams + Keepsakes | Http:// | New York Stationery Designer | Mood Board Design for Vonrai Events and Design

Once we found her brand’s mood, everything else fell into place: 

Main Logo

The Logo is a combination of a beautiful handwritten font, and the idea of her growing as a business,  and Mary's love for green flowers.

Vonrai Events and Design Logo

Brand Elements

In designing her elements, we extended her logo into distinct and separate components that could be used singularly across social media platforms, on her website, and on any business collateral she would choose going forward; from digital to physical. 

Paper Dreams + Keepsakes | Http:// | New York Stationery Designer | Brand Design  and Elements for Vonrai Events and Design

Brand Style Guide

Then we house all the design for the brand, into a guide that would serve as a blueprint for her company to stay consistent and authentic to itself, and in all of it's marketing across the board.

Paper Dreams + Keepsakes | Http:// | New York Stationery Designer | Brand + Style Guide Design for Vonrai Events and Design

I absolutely love everything about how came together, so elegantly and beautifully. I really enjoyed working with Mary to assist her in bringing what was in her heart and in her dreams to a reality. To tell to her brand story in a way that was really and truly authentically Vonrai! I wish her much success in all her endeavors now and forever!

Mary really does beautiful work! To see more of her work visit her website: Vonrai Events + Design . As well as follow them on Instagram:  @vonraievents 

Here's to tell your story through unique and authentic brand design!