About Paper Dreams + Keepsakes

Our mission is to create elegant stationery and treasured keepsake designs that will continue to tell of your story and heart to make you stand apart.

You’re likely here because you’re on the search for a design that inspires, connects and tells your story in a compelling way. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a small business owner or an event planner, you know that a beautifully executed design and paper goods will set you apart. And that is what you’re after; to stand out and tell the world who you are.

You know that you create an incredible experience for your clients and guests when you have a unique, detail-oriented and stylish design. And we believe that your story deserves to be told in a way that will be remembered.

Stepping into your vision with you, we will craft you custom designs, paper goods, or keepsakes that will continue to tell of your story and heart to make you stand apart. With romance, elegance and a passion for details at the core of what we do, we will work from conception to completion with you every step of the way.

Paper Dreams + Keepsakes LLC is here to bring your paper and design dreams to life. We work hard using your unique vision to create a compelling design and paper products. Specializing in elegant stationery and keepsake designs, we will assist using clean designs and paper to bring everything you see in your heart come to life and be held in your hands.

Contact us today! Call 800.819.2050 toll free or 917.426.5155 locally, or send us an email: info@paperdreamsllc.com.


our designs have been featured online and in print.